Year 7 Most Able Trip to Hull University

21st March 2016

Eight of our Yera 7 boys enjoyed a great day at Hull University, as part of the University's  school engagement week. 

In the morning they split into two teams and competed in a Maths challenge. This was very popular, games the boys played included ROGO, Bojagi and a chance dice game. They did really well and enjoyed competing against teams from Hymers, Hull Collegiate, The Boulevard and Malet Lambert. The activities encouraged team working and even working with girls! Although they didn't win they loved taking part.

In the afternoon they did a STEM challenge which was was supported by The Royal Academy of Engineering. They had a chance to try and build a line tracking robot, they did experiments with water bombs, construction straws and a blind fold challenge. All the boys built a mini model propeller to see if it would fly. They also got to see a drone fly and the school were lucky enough to be given two mini drones (worth over £150) to use in school. The boys really enjoyed it. 


Kieran Watson " I enjoyed every minute of it but my favourite part was in the morning when we were answering mathematical problems and questions and also in the afternoon with water balloons and the droids because it was fun!"

Jacob Speck "The part I enjoyed the most was getting to see the drone fly and learning how to fly them"

Ethan Makin "I enjoyed the maths challenge, especially the dice game as that was just a game of luck"

Andrew Devern "I like the construction straws and got to make objects"

Jayden Wilkinson "I really enjoyed the maths challenge as I'm good at maths and it got very competitive"

Lennon Varney "The best part of today was the maths challenge, because it wasn't as boring as I thought it would be!"

Kieran Hawker "I enjoyed the drones, especially when it crashed, and I enjoyed working with the construction straws"

Joshua Speck "I enjoyed seeing the drone flying around"