Views of the Academy

Parents, students and staff, consistently refer to the traditions and heritage of the academy as what makes Hull Trinity House Academy a fantastic place to work and learn. Here are a selection of quotes from some of our former year 11 students and year 7 students after their first year at the Academy.

Quotes from Yr 11 students

Trinity House Academy has changed my life through five years of education. I like the teachers at this academy, they are kind and you learn a lot. Eriks Liepins

The Academy brings out the maturity in students and helps prepare you for the world of work and adult life. Jordan Cross

Tradition is extremely important. Without this, the academy would not have the high standards which reflect both on the students and the teachers.....I’ve enjoyed my time at Trinity House and wouldn’t be the person I am today if it wasn’t for the academy. Ben Naylor

During my time at Trinity House, I have experienced many events and activities. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time and everyone has been very welcoming. It has been a good experience and has allowed me to do things I never thought I would. Furthermore, the academy has allowed me to fulfil my potential and achieve my best. I have also developed good life skills as a well as a good education. It has been a great stepping stone on the education ladder and I would recommend it to a friend. Macauley Davy

During the five years at Trinity House Academy, I made loads of friends and have really enjoyed my time there. Being a part of this academy has been one of the best experiences of my life and I am proud to call this my secondary school. I believe this academy will play a major part in my future. Kent Bannister

During the past five years, I have had many opportunities which would not have been available in other schools. Due to the academy being very small you get to know the teachers inside and outside of the classroom and you gain mutual respect for them.......I believe the academy achieves its high standards due to the rapport the teachers have with students....Ben Peck

Over the years I have had at the academy, many things have happened which have led me to believe that it is one of the best academies in Hull. The amount of opportunities ranging from running my own business to helping me work out my future prospects make me proud to have been a member of the academy. Alex Jones

During my time at Trinity House Academy, I have had a very enjoyable experience. The staff were all extremely kind and were willing to support me all the way through my academy career.......all the staff are exceptionally keen to make sure, as students, we do the best we possibly can. Luke Beckerleg

Views of Yr 7 students on their first year at Hull Trinity House Academy 

My first year at Trinity has been amazing. When I first arrived I felt a little shaky as it was a lot different from my primary. But, as the days rolled on, I got more used to the schedule and the routine.

In over a week, I already knew where all the classrooms were and all of the teachers. After a while, I got a little closer to some of the teachers and I knew who were nice and who weren’t. Before I came here, I was worried if the Yr 11s would bully me but they’re really nice and really welcomed you into the academy.

In primary school, the school dinners weren’t very nice but here they are five times better; with loads of things to choose from, you are spoilt for choice.

Here, people respect you for who you are and don’t bully you if you are different. I play for the rugby team and I really enjoy it. The academy does loads of different sports and has a lot of teams for you to choose from.

The academy has brilliant traditions like on the first Wednesday of each month we have chapel. We have a 50 minute service and your family can come to. Once a term we go to Trinity Church and have a long service with other schools and the public. We march from school to the church and even the Mayor of Hull turns up. On Poppy Day, we have a long service on the yard and there is a firing of a canon. Liam Woodward

My first year at Trinity House Academy was better than I expected. The PE lessons are great, well mainly all the lessons are fun. Another good thing about Trinity House is that they organised great school trips this year. I have been to Paris and London. They were awesome trips. Sam Megson

This has been an adventurous year for me. I have made a lot of new friends and learned a lot of new things. Charlie Wardell

My first year at Trinity has been a lot of fun. My first week was scary due to me only knowing two people from my primary. However, I knew some in other year groups because they went to my primary as well.

We have been on many trips which have all been extremely fun. For the first couple of weeks you can’t find your way round the academy but then you get used to it. All of the teachers are friendly. Also you will soon make friends with people who come here. Jacob Knaggs