Accessing work during school closures

For those students who will not be attending school during the school closures, there are lots of resources available to them whilst they are at home. Below you will find a comprehensive list of locations and access details. Documents that have been sent to parents through the school comms system are available at the bottom of this page. If you have trouble accessing any resources then please click HERE

There is a useful guide about how to deal with home study at the bottom of the page.

Location of work set by Subjects

  1. English: Work on the Sharepoint Delta Platform. Extra work has been emailed directly to students.
  2. Maths: Work set on the Sharepoint Delta Platform.
  3. Science: Work set on the Sharepoint Delta Platform. Extra Science work can be accessed through the Kerboodle online text books The user name and password are both set to the academy username of the student and the institution code is vy8.
  4. History: Work set on the Sharepoint Delta Platform.
  5. Geography: Work set on the Sharepoint Delta Platform.
  6. French: Work set on Classcharts. Year 10 can also look at the work set on the Sharepoint
  7. Computing: Work set on Classcharts
  8. RE: Work set on Classcharts
  9. Business Studies: Work set on Classcharts.
  10. Art: Work set on Classcharts.
  11. D&T: Work set on Classcharts.
  12. PE: PE with Jo Wicks everyday for free on Youtube at 9.00am: For KS4 you can also look at the revision guides on the PE page: and this site has some useful info: home-equipment-free-workout/?ref

The DfE have released a list of possible home resources for parents to access. You can find the list here. Please note that this is not a Hull Trinity or Delta Academies list but may include resources we have not subscribed to.

Typing Club

In addition to normal curriculum content we have been given access to TypingClub which provides free tutorials to teach students how to type. A letter explaining how to access has been sent to all parents and can downloaded here.

BBC Bitesize Daily Lessons

Many of you will be familiar with the BBC Bitesize website but what you may not know is that it now has a daily lessons schedule which starts on Monday 20th April. You can find more information and the schedule here.

Hegarty Maths

All students have an account on the Hegarty Maths website:

Once students are on the site, they just need to follow the on-screen instructions.  As well as work that has been set by their class teacher, students can also access any of the subject tasks that are on the website, so the work available will never run out! Please note: due to unprecedented demand on the website, access is unpredictable but the following link will give you an update on the status of the site:


All students have a GCSEPod account.  The site can be found here:

If students have not created a GCSEPod account then they must click 'New Here' and follow the instructions to create an account. Please contact the school if login details don't appear to be working. As well as any work set by teachers, students can access all content on the site.


All students have a ClassCharts account which is usually used to record homework. Lots of tasks, resources and assignments have been posted on ClassCharts for students to access. The site can be found here:

Student Email

All students have access to a student email account which some subjects have used to send work and competitions out to students. Students can also download the entire Microsoft Office suite of programs, Word, Excel, Powerpoint etc., to up to 5 computers using the licence supplied by the Academy. Instructions on how to access the email account and download Microsoft Office can be found here:

Student Home Classroom / Sharepoint

Delta Academies Trust have put together a learning timetable for all students, which can be accessed online.  Students who are working at home should follow this daily timetable.  Instructions on how to access the online classroom can be found below:

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