Christmas Cards

Seasons greetings to all!

We would like to announce and reveal this years Christmas Cards and winners, these are; Leo E for year 7 Johnson house, Ethan T from year 8 Harrison house, Josef S from Year 9 Johnson house, Dyllan L from year 10 Morley house and Kamil L from year 10 Johnson house, who created two of the winning cards. Thank you all for your lovely entries and support, and a special thanks to YRG group for printing these for free.

The house points have been awarded as follows Johnson 49 points (4 winning cards are from this house).Morley 15 points (1 card winner).Harrison 53 points (most entries thank you to 7TKE as the whole tutor group entered the competition to earn points for their house (1 winner). Hammond 8 points (0 winners).

Cards can be purchased through parent pay. Pupils will be allowed to purchase at breaktimes and can also see Miss Appleby. All proceeds go to the 'Children's Air Ambulance'.