Students Sail Into Success!


Students Sail Into Success!

Cowes Small Ships Race, 4th - 7th October, 2018

Twelve of our students from key stage 4 and 5 who are either studying Maritime at Hull Trinity House Academy or our Nautical College, along with the crew from Leeds based Maybe Sailing organisation, participated in the Cowes Small Ships Race in October with amazing results.

Using the skills from their practical lessons at Welton Waters and knowledge from the Maritime studies qualification all students of Hull Trinity House Academy participate in, they were able to apply and develop their skills further in a real competitive environment.

The students travelled from Hull to Gosport where they sailed on the Maybe ship to the Isle of Wight. They then spent Friday learning about the sails and practising manoeuvres. The students also prepared their own meals whilst on board therefore gaining valuable life skills.

The race was on Saturday when the conditions were challenging and the competition was fierce with a range of ages from their competitors. The boys were a little wet and cold, nevertheless they prevailed and for their effort they won First place in the Class B category (gaff rigged vessels) and came 2nd overall, just being beaten by 32 seconds on corrected time over the duration of a 4.5hr race, so the achievements gained were impressive as there were 27 ships in the race!

Many happy memories were gained by all for years to come. Within the whole event, the students had the opportunity to not only develop their sailing skills but also gain great personal development with team work, conquering fear of the unknown and knowing the importance of trust. Roll on next year when we’re looking to bring back a trophy to Hull and Yorkshire!

Hull Trinity House is part of the Delta Academies Trust whose Mission Statement is: ‘To improve educational outcomes for communities in the North of England, creating a sustainable organisation that improves our society and the wider environment.'

One of the strategies Delta promotes is to ensure that young people are confident, employable and have the knowledge and skills to challenge received wisdom. By providing our students at HTHA with opportunities to engage in the small tall ships race we are truly enhancing their life skills.

The Crew were Joshua, Tom, Harry, Kyrlo, Cobey, Umar, Ben , Jack, Ashley, Jan, Nelson and Lewis.

To find out more about the Maybe Sailing initiative please follow this link