Design & Technology Pick 'n' Mix Week

This week the Design and Technology department created a Pic 'n' Mix week for Key Stage 3.This began on the 8th February and offered students the opportunity to choose which lessons they wanted to take part in.

During the week, the D&T team were running numerous lessons covering various elements of Design & Technology. Mr Newton created a Sketch Up tutorial on how to design a 3D rocket. Miss Coupland and Miss Dixon recorded cooking lessons, showcasing recipes for cookie dough and banana granola bars. Finally, Miss Malton taught students how to improve their skills on CAD, looking at isometric lettering. She also created a lesson on illustration, which involved getting inspiration from illustrator Lisa Congdon, and an upcycling task. This involved taking unwanted cardboard boxes and making them into 3D pictures.

Students were encouraged to pick the projects they were most excited about and make examples of their own. The goal of the Pic 'n' Mix week was to engage students, offer them a choice of different kinds of activities and hopefully bring further enjoyment into online learning. 

During the week, the engagement from students was exceptional. The boys produced some fantastic work from all the lessons and the staff were extremely impressed with the effort that went into the work.

Students enjoyed learning new skills, for example how to use 2D design software. As teachers and students regularly use this in school, their new skills will be very useful for future lessons. There was lots of work emailed to staff over the week, with Miss Dixon's Cookie Bar cooking class proving to be a popular choice.

Several of the activities were designed to be away from the computer, giving students a break from the screen while allowing them to be creative and productive. This is something that the boys have enjoyed.

The D&T team were happy to see so many students getting involved and producing such great work. They are looking forward to running this again during the next half term.