Engineering Event

Today the year 10 Engineering groups took part in a workshop, 'Tomorrow’s Engineers Around the World'. They took part in 3 activities:

- 'Code Breaking' this gave the students an insight into the different routes that can lead to asuccessful career in Engineering. At the end of the session students competed in a quiz to see which team had remembered the most information. A number of teams achieved full marks!

- 'Engineering the Future' this session encouraged the students to think creatively. They worked in groups of 2-3 to come up with a new concept that can solve a modern day problem. Ideas could be based around anything. The students then presented their ideas to their peers. 

- 'Robot Challenge' this session was the firm favorite. Students were introduced to different ways in which robots are used in the 21st century, from supporting surgical procedures to caring for the elderly in Japan. They were then introduced to two robots 'K9' and 'Matalida' and had the opportunity to try them out in the 'Robot Challenge Arena'. Groups competed against each other, using the robots to remove objects from the arena. Every object that was removed successfully earned points for their team. 

The visitors from Learn By Design, who came to deliver the workshops were very impressed with the boys excellent attitude and behaviour throughout the day!