Founders Day 2019

Dinner Day is a celebration of our Founders Day. Hull Trinity House School was founded in 1787, when it was then known as 'Hull Trinity House Marine School' and it was officially opened on 2nd February 1787.

The anniversary of this event is now celebrated as Founders Day but over the years this annual tradition has become known as Dinner Day. This is due to the tradition of the oldest students in the school, leaving and literally walking out onto the docks to go to sea after eating a ‘hearty meal’, to see them on their way.

Firstly there was a whole school parade where the students are inspected by the Master Warden, the Principal and School Captain. Therefore, it was very important that every student should be in full, immaculately presented uniform, including smartly polished shoes. After the inspection, Year 11 students attended their ‘farewell’ Chapel Service which was then be followed by a special dinner with the Brethren of Hull Trinity House. Finally the students participated in the tradiotn of choosing two oranges from behind their backs, one is supposed to be eaten straight away and the other was supposed to be taken onto the ship to help keep scurvy away.

This year all Year 11 students were given a commemorative coin to celebrate 650 years of Hull Trinity House.