More Poetry By Heart Success for Hull Trinity House Academy

At the end of May, months after the Poetry By Heart competition had ended, the PBH team got in touch with the English Department at Hull Trinity House to inform us that one of our year ten students was the regional winner for the East Riding of Yorkshire. We were thrilled but believed that this was the only recognition our students would receive in the competition, until another email was sent on the 3rd June.

We are now delighted to announce that Joseph and Jackson, both in year seven, were Highly Commended for their choral recitation of William Blake’s The Tyger. Their entry was submitted to the Poetry Celebration category which had no age restrictions, meaning they were up against students much older than themselves, including those at sixth form!

Joseph and Jackson were dedicated members of the Poetry By Heart club, never missing a rehearsal and working hard to perfect their recitation. They choreographed and learnt their choral piece independently and over the course of just two weeks as we decided to enter this category quite late into the competition. They both blew everybody away at the school recital where Jackson performed Lord Byron’s So, We’ll Go No More A Roving, and Joseph performed a solo version of The Tyger – his love of the poem is what inspired the boys to transform it into a duet!

We are incredibly proud of the boys and their achievement. This was the first year that we entered the Poetry By Heart competition and we cannot wait to take part again in the 2020/21 academic year and hopefully bring home some more titles. We know that Joseph and Jackson will compete again following on from this success and hope other students will be inspired to as well.

Miss Jessica Barker