TypingClub – Touch Typing

TypingClub – Touch Typing 

As a response to the lockdown, I’m delighted to be able to tell you that one of our intervention providers has agreed to extend our licence to all students who are working from home in this difficult time. I am writing to you today to explain how to access this touch typing training from home. A big thank you to TypingClub.

I understand that many of you will be working hard to keep your families safe and this may not be a programme that you are interested in at this time but I thought it would be good to share with all of our students. Touch typing is a beneficial skill and this is another way to help fight those lockdown blues.

TypingClub is an educational program that will help students learn to type quickly and accurately on a standard computer keyboard. The program is fully web-based, so students can use it to practice keyboard skills at home if they have access to an internet connection.

TypingClub teaches touch typing skills in an engaging way, through videos, practice lessons and games. The more accurately a student types, the more points they earn. We currently have a number of students in school who use this programme to practice their skills and they love being able to get 5 stars on their lessons! Students earn achievements as they progress, and they can see their achievements compared to other students in their year group.

To log in your child should go to the following login URL:

Username: School Username

Password: password01

There are no obligations to use this programme, it is just another tool to help your child focus on something productive in these difficult weeks. All accounts will remain active until July 15th 2020.