D&T Department make PPE for NHS

The Design and Technology department have been putting their skills to good use and have joined in the efforts to beat covid-19, like many other businesses and schools from across the country, by making Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for the NHS

The project has been a labour of love and creativity and by creating a 3 piece design for the headband using 2D design Software and cutting with precision on the laser has allowed them to make a fully adjustable and robust headband for the much needed PPE equipment. The polypropylene used for the headbands has been repurposed from A3 coursework folders. Laminator pouches have been used to make the front shield on the visor. Our staff have worked hard on the design and are constantly making improvements.

Miss Malton has set up a production line in our main workshop and has assigned tasks to everyone involved. Mr. Newton is now considering a career change to modelling medical equipment as he has tried on so many versions! Even without our pupils the department is full of team spirit and innovation with staff volunteering to work extra days to produce as many as we can in the battle we are all fighting.

D and T have set themselves a target to produce 250 by the end of the week. All of these will be donated to the wonderful staff on the frontline at Hull Royal Infirmary. We hope that by doing this we can help move closer to a time when it is safe enough for us to re-open for all pupils.