Prison Me! No Way!

On Friday 9th November the Academy had a visit from the Prison Me! No Way! organisation where they worked with students from Year 9 

Prison Me! No-Way! is a national educational charity with a core aim of raising awareness among young people about the causes, consequences and penalties of crime.  On Friday 9th November students were involved in various interactive workshops throughout the day to gain insight on these areas.

Before the day begun , we were honoured to have two guest appearances - the High Sheriff, Debbie Rosenberg and Captain Lorimer. Captain Lorimer attended Hull Trinity House as a 'Pre-Sea Cadet', leaving in 1969.  In 1980 he gained his ‘Foreign Going Masters Certificate, ‘Captains’.  Another pupil of the school, Captain Phillip Watts at one time shared the captaincy of the same vessel as Captain Lorimer. They took it in turns to man the ship when the other one was on leave.  Captain Lorimer served in the Merchant Navy for over 35 years and was privileged to visit many countries and has sailed most of the sea’s and oceans on the planet.  After a introduction from Debbie Rosenberg, she presented Captain Lorimer with a commemorative plaque.

For the remainder of the day student carouselled around 6 different sessions:  

- Fire: This involved a member of Humberside Fire and Rescue speaking to students about the safety aspects and risks involved with fire.- Magistrates:  A mock court room was set up whereby students were acting out how a court would be run with regard to a scenario.

- Choices: Two inmates from a Category D Prison spoke openly and candidly to students about their life styles that have resulted in them now currently serving time.

- Prison:  Students got to experience the interior of an imitation 'real life' cell and hear first hand what the conditions of prison life are like.

- ASB: This involved students acting as the jury, deciding on what they believed the punishment should be for various case studies. 

Students were able to gain a wide variety of knowledge throughout the day and have their questions answered by the people who experience it first hand: prisoners, magistrates or the prison officers.
The day imparted so much knowledge and thought provoking messages that we hope stay and resonate with all students involved.