Return of Year 10

With regards to the upcoming return of Year 10 students I am pleased to be able to give you some further information regarding the provision in place.

Students will be attending one day per week based on the house that they are in. Students will be studyingEnglish, maths, science and one of their option subjects.

The assigned days commencing Thursday 18th June, are as follows;

Harrison House (Yellow) - Thursdays

Hammond House (Red) - Fridays

Johnson House (Green) - Mondays

Morley House (Blue) - Tuesdays

During the day students will not be using classrooms that have been used for at least two days to allow thorough cleaning to take place between usage. To ensure social distancing each house will be split into four classes giving a maximum class size of eight students.  

Each of the four classes will be told to arrive at specified times, with the earliest arrival being 9:15 and the latest departure being 14:30. Final details will be in the personalised timetable which you will receive shortly.

Could you please confirm by return email that your son/charge will be attending on their assigned day and if they have any dietary or medical information that we need to be aware of.

Kind regards

Mr N Goodman

Vice Principal