We were last inspected in June 2016.

The inspection team made the following overall judgement: This school continues to be good.

Key Findings

  • You have created an ambitious culture which is also highly supportive. The appraisal system is effective in raising the expectations of staff, and combined with challenging targets, is improving the progress pupils make. 
  • The curriculum provided is highly appropriate. It has a good mix of academic and vocational qualifications which enables the pupils to pursue their interests. As a result, 100% of the pupils over the past three years have left Year 11 to go to employment, education or training. The recent addition of Maritime Studies in Year 10 allows pupils to take a qualification which could give them a head start in obtaining a job in the maritime industry. This qualification links the strong maritime history of the school to the future employment opportunities in the city of Kingston Upon Hull. 
  • Pupils’ personal development, behaviour and welfare are strong. The curriculum enables them to develop their knowledge and understanding of sensitive topics. You have also taken opportunities to allow the pupils to share their own experiences through assemblies. This has been a very effective strategy in terms of promoting understanding of different faiths and views on the world. 
  • In 2015 pupils made less progress in mathematics than in English. As a result of actions taken, progress in mathematics across the school is now at least good. Gaps between disadvantaged pupils and their peers are closing rapidly. Where there are still gaps, you are fully aware of them and have put in place actions to ensure that they, too, close. 
  • Pupils taking triple science are making at least good progress. However, the progress in core and additional science is less strong. You are fully aware of this and have made changes to ensure that the pupils make the best possible progress in these two subjects. 
  • You have focused on the progress made by the most able pupils this academic year. As a result, lessons are now more challenging and teachers are making sure that this group of pupils is making at least good progress. In lessons, good relationships between the staff and the pupils, combined with good subject knowledge, mean that pupils are able to learn in a supportive and safe environment. 
  • At the last inspection, teaching was an area for improvement. Bespoke training for staff, combined with high expectations and an increased focus on improving the pupils’ progress, have developed teaching skills. Teachers ask questions which enable the pupils to think and develop their answers. Staff plan activities which are based on accurate assessment so that work challenges the pupils regardless of their academic ability.
  • Taking on roles as Officers, or Junior Officers, allows the pupils to rise to the challenge of taking considerable responsibility around the school. Behaviour in lessons and supervised areas is very good. Attendance is above the national average. Pupils wear their uniform with pride, and impeccably. Their books are presented well and they care for their environment. However, as you are fully aware, a few pupils do not have the self-discipline to ensure their behaviour in unsupervised areas is as good.

You can read the full Ofsted Inspection report on our Statutory Informatin page here.