We were last inspected in February 2020.

The inspection team made the following overall judgement: 

"This school continues to be a good school."

Here are some excerpts from the report.

Pupils enjoy coming to school... They say they feel happy and are safe. Teachers care for them... pupils show respect for each other and are well mannered and courteous. Pupils are enthusiastic ... teachers have high expectations and aspirations. Pupils wear their naval-themed uniform with pride. They are proud of the maritime traditions in the school. Pupils are taught to respect other faiths, cultures and backgrounds. Differences are celebrated. Pupils make very strong progress in a wide range of subjects. 

Leaders genuinely care for the pupils and staff... they have created a culture of respect, tolerance and care for others. Staff describe the school as a ‘Trinity family’. Teachers have excellent subject knowledge. The geography curriculum overlaps with maritime studies to incorporate the study of colonialism. In English, work linked to the book ‘Animal Farm’ is brought to life visually in art. The classrooms are inspiring places to learn. The school is well led and managed. Staff are very proud of their school and they enjoy working there. Staff acutely understand their responsibilities around the ‘Prevent’ duty. Staff are knowledgeable and refer safeguarding concerns swiftly. 

You can read the full Ofsted Inspection report on our Statutory Information page here.