Our Curriculum Impact

Our aim, through our curriculum is to develop young people:
• who are not disadvantaged by the social context in which they live
• who have the literacy and numeracy skills needed to succeed at school and beyond
• who have the confidence, resilience and knowledge to stay mentally healthy
• who feel included in their community with an active desire to contribute politically, socially, culturally, environmentally and economically
• who have high expectations of self and an ambitious vision for their future
• who have a work ethic that results in them achieving, and exceeding, their academic potential
• who are respectful, tolerant and empathetic towards the values and beliefs of others
• who are happy and have a desire to pursue a healthy, active lifestyle
• who have a range of transferrable skills to succeed in learning, life and work including: creativity, communication, collaboration, critical thinking and willingness to challenged accepted norms
• who are capable of making informed decisions and are aware of their rights and responsibilities