Physical Education

General Information

PE is being taught in a number of different ways this year at Hull Trinity House. Firstly, we teach Core PE where all pupils get the opportunity to participate in a number of sports both in school in the sportshall and also off site at our games field. 


 Staff Member Role
 Mr D. Findlay Subject Leader of PE
 Mr P. English PE Teacher 
 House Leader of Morley House
 Mr T. Davie PE Teacher

Key Stage 4

At Key stage 4 the academy is delivering a new NCFC course aimed at Health and Fitness. Withing the course pupils are taught about vital body systems such as the skeletal system, Muscular system, Cardiovascular system and respiratory system. Pupils will also learn about the components of fitness and the principles of training. As you can see below these topics will form the external exam which is worth 40% of the final grade.

The following 60% will ask pupils to use the knowledge gained to plan and part take in a project around the use of  health and fitness skills, such as exercise  program writing and instructing. 

Unit 01:

  • Introduction to body systems and principles of training in health and fitness
  • 48 GLH
  • 40% Weighting
  • Externally Assessed: Written Examination (externally marked)
  • Unit Grades: NYA, L1P, L1M, L1D, L2P, L2M, L2D

Unit 02: 

  • Preparing and planning for health and fitness
  • 72 GLH
  • 60% Weighting
  • Internally Assessed: Synoptic Project (externally quality assured)
  • Unit Grades: NYA, L1P, L1M, L1D, L2P, L2M, L2D


  • 120 GLH
  • 100% Overall Qualification
  • Grades: NYA, L1P, L1M, L1D, L1D*, L2P, L2M, L2D, L2D*

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