Please find below the Uniform requirements and the price lists from Rawcliffes and Len Beck.


Here are some information on how to shape you beret:

1)      Get a beret – ensure the clear plastic diamond shape thing is removed from the lining.

2)      Fill a sink to the brim with hot water.

3)      Put the beret in the sink and let it soak. (CAUTION: if the vinyl/strap bit is soaked the beret will shrink and may not fit!!)

4)      Once the beret has soaked fill bowl with cold water and soak the beret again.

5)      Drain away cold water and immerse the beret in hot water again.

6)      Repeat this Hot Cold process 3 times.

7)      Your beret should have shrunk, thus allowing you to shape your beret on your head.

8)      Place on your head, ensuring the beret badge location is above your left eye.

9)      Pull down the right hand edge of the beret, so that the berets edge is a few mm over the tip of your right ear.

10)   Carefully remove the beret from your head, keeping the shape and place on a radiator to dry.

11)   When its dry re-fit your shiny beret badge and test drive your newly shaped beret. 

You can also watch these two videos (video 1 ; video 2) showing you how to shape your beret.

Points to note: How to wear your beret properly 

1)      At no time when wearing a beret should the back of the beret to be sat lower on your head than the front.

2)      Your beret should always to be parallel with your shoulders (otherwise it looks like dads army)

Please find some more details about our school uniform below:

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