Art and Photography

General Information

Hull Trinity House Academy recognises the value of learning about the Visual Arts and supports students in their learning and creative development to ensure that they have a balanced curriculum. To see some examples of the fantastic work produced please go to


Staff MemberRole
 Mrs L. Hearn Subject Leader of Art
 Associate Assistant Principal
 Miss E. Appleby Teacher of Art

The art team is highly experienced, motivated and supportive of student’s progress and learning in the visual arts.  The Head of Department, Mrs Hearn, has almost 20 years of experience of teaching the subject and continues to exhibit work herself, specialism being Fine Art and Art History. Miss Appleby is also very experienced and teaches both Photography and Art.  Our programmes of study reflect our expertise in developing our student’s ability to understand and appreciate the creative process of Art and Design, across a range of specialisms and techniques. 

Key Stage 3

Art is taught to all students in KS3 with a double lesson each week. KS3 focuses on developing the student’s progress in their ability to research which includes looking at other artists, their use of media, development of skills and recording their outcomes to a high standard. During KS3 the art student at Hull Trinity House Academy, will be able to develop their confidence in the subject and will be able to work in their own style, with a range of skills and techniques at their disposal.

Student enjoyment of art is outstanding; we have a very productive working atmosphere where students are encouraged to work independently. Lessons are designed to be stimulating and engaging for every level of learner and we have many continuing their lessons in their own time after school and over lunch times.

Students record their progress in A3 sketchbooks.  Students will complete 3 different programmes of study and will be able to work with many different types of media including Photoshop, Mixed Media,  Drawing and Painting. 

Key Stage 4

At the end of KS3 students can choose to take Art and Design at GCSE level.  Art is a very popular choice for many students and we follow the AQA qualification with the Fine Art endorsement. Students record their progress on A1 boards which are kept within a folder of work.

GCSE is made up of 60% coursework and 40% exam.  The exam is conducted over 8 weeks and is completed with a 10 hour practical exam of which the students choose the outcome. Throughout the course students work within 4 assessment objectives and present their final outcomes with an exhibition. 

Students can also opt for Photography at GCSE. We follow the AQA qualification which follows the same assessment objectives as Fine Art, for Photography students will learn both digital and chemical photography.

Student enjoyment of the subject is reflected in the outstanding exam results the students achieve.

Extra-Curricular Activities

Art Club: The department runs enrichment every day for both KS3 and KS4 students.

We attend exhibitions and also partake in trips to enhance the students understanding of their work. 

We have workshops and visiting artists working with the students during the GCSE course.

Students have the opportunity to attend Saturday Art Club at Hull College if they are studying Art for GCSE.