Senior Leadership Team

Mr G Moffatt: Principal

Mr N Goodman: Vice Principal

Mrs S Jordan: Assistant Principal

Mr M Newton: Assistant Principal 

Mr M Thomas: Assistant Principal

Wider Leadership Team

Mr N Germain: Associate Assistant Principal

Mrs L Hearn: Associate Assistant Principal

Mrs A Malton: Associate Assistant Principal

Ms S Meredith: SENCO

Mrs P Waterman: Head of Student Services/Designated Safeguarding Lead

Subject Leaders

Mr S Currie: History

Mr D Findlay: PE and Games

Mr D Forth: Maritime Education

Mr N Germain: MFL

Mrs L Hearn: Art and Photography

Miss C Jackson: English

Mrs S Jordan: SMSC

Mrs L Mackinder: Science

Miss A Malton: Design and Technology

Mr E Sherwood: ICT

Mr C Stubbs: Geography

Mr S Woods: Mathematics 

Teaching Staff

Mrs K Adams: Science

Ms E Appleby: Art

Miss J Barker: English

Mr J Boakye: English

Mrs T Brigden: English

Mr D Connor: Science

Ms M Coupland: Technology

Mrs A Cromarty: ICT

Mr T Davie: PE and Games

Ms H Dennington: Geography Teacher Training

Mrs C Dunn: English

Mr P English: PE and Games

Ms K Hamshaw-Hart: Science

Miss C Jackson: English

Mr T Kelsey: Mathematics

Miss A Lofts: English Teacher Training

Mrs H Metcalfe: Humanities

Mr L Ryder: Maths

Mr D Southall: English

Miss R Thompson: Maths

Miss C Welton: MFL

Mr S Woods: Mathematics 

Student Support

Mrs P Waterman: Head of Student Services/Designated Safeguarding Lead/Year 11 Learning Manager

Mrs M Adams: Teaching Assistant/Reflections Gate Keeper

Mrs J Atkinson: Teaching Assistant (SEN)/Accelerated Learning

Mr K Bannister: Midday Supervisor

Mrs E Barlow: Midday Supervisor

Mrs E Bass: HLTA for Maths

Miss L Campbell: Cover Supervisor

Miss N Chidlow: HLTA for EAL

Miss K Dixon: Technician for Art/D&T

Mrs L Foster: Student Support Advisor/Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead/Year 11 Learning Manager

Ms C Gibbon: HLTA for English

Mr T Hammond: Science Technician

Mrs S Hodgson: Year 8 Learning Manager

Mrs L Horton: LRC Manager

Mrs A Irving: Attendance Officer

Ms M Jacques: Year 8 Learning Manager

Miss S Leake: Year 9 Learning Manager

Mr J Mclocklan: Year 10 Learning Manager

Mrs F Mitchell: Teaching Assistant

Mrs M Penrose: Reflections Gate Keeper

Mr L Reffin: Year 7 Learning Manager/Breakfast Supervisor

Mr P Rusling: Teaching Assistant/Technician

Mrs N Sajid: Midday Supervisor/Teaching Assistant

Mr J Townend: Cover Supervisor

Miss D Webster: Teaching Assistant

Miss K Wright: Teaching Assistant

Facilities and ICT

Mr D Ayre: Site Manager

Mr M Campbell: Assistant Site Manager

Mr M Newton: ICT Technician 


Mrs L Lofts: Finance Manager

Mrs S Syddall: Finance Assistant/Administration

Mrs J Sims: Principal's PA

Miss S Moffat: Admin Officer

Mrs J Reffin: Examination and Data Officer

Miss B Carver: Reception

Mrs L Wheeler: Reception