Trinity Rest Home Annual Christmas Party

Prinicipal Flack opens the party in front of members from the marching band.

Last night we hosted our annual HTHA Trinity Rest Home Christmas Party, inviting the Hull Trinity House Brethren and the residents of the Trinity Rest Homes to celebrate Christmas with a buffet and live entertainment provided by the students.

The night was a great joy for all involved. Residents were welcomed with tea and biscuits to the imagery of a roaring fireplace, as we kicked off the night with a few words from Principal Mr Flack, who then rang the old school bell to cue the Marching Band Drummers as they skilfully performed their opening number.

Mr Taylor took over proceedings as a fantastic compere, opening the buffet as students offered around tea and coffee. Once everyone had had their fill, and were settled back down, out came Mrs Gibson’s Dancers, performing a mix of solo and group routines.

Mr Robinson then took a shine in the spotlight, as his bands went up to perform Christmas songs on the electronic drums, keyboard, guitars, bass and mic. The days of rehearsals and hard work by both groups of performers really paid off.

Back to Mr Taylor, as he hosted a 20 question Christmas Quiz. Did you know that Christmas carolling originated in Austria! Unfortunately, the only prize on offer were bragging rights.

We finished the night’s performances with two songs performed by a wonderful up & coming singer.

Our final gift to all the residents and Brethren for coming was a box of chocolates biscuits each, and let’s not forget to reward our hard-working students with a selection tray of chocolates each as well.

It was a great atmosphere, plenty of chatter and laughter; we all had a thoroughly fun time hosting, and the comments received from the residents about the students were very heartwarming. Thank you to all the staff and students that stayed behind after school to be involved in a wonderful community event.

The only thing that did end up going pear (“tree”) shaped, was trying to use the outdoor fake snow machine. It was that windy, it ended up blowing straight out of the refectory yard into the staff carpark and covering all the cars. Oops.