Student Leadership

Basic Expectations of an Officer

  1. Good attendance (>95%)
  2. Good punctuality (>95%)
  3. Good behaviour record
  4. Excellent deportment (uniform, hair, shoes etc.)
  5. Setting a good example in speech, work ethic and attitude.

What is the role of the Officers?

To assist and support the Staff in the general running of the School and to fulfil specific duties to that effect.

How are the Officers selected?

The pupils in the Y9, Y10 and Y11 are invited to become Officers, as and when vacancies arise. If selected, by the Assistant Principal, they are required to train under a Senior Officer on Probation, before they are confirmed as an Officer.

What criteria are used for selection?

Agreement and negotiation between all staff concerned, based upon the following qualities:

  1. ability to show and accept authority
  2. ability to give and take instructions
  3. exemplary appearance and good conduct around the School
  4. ability to make decisions
  5. ability to be fair and just
  6. ability to lead by example
  7. ability to remain calm and in control in difficult situations
  8. high standards of conduct, behaviour, attitude and effort in lessons
  9. good attendance and punctuality

Officer Ranks

The Officer system comprises:

School Captain: four stripes & four buttons

Vice Captain: three stripes & four buttons

Chief Officers: three stripes & three buttons

Second Officers: two stripes & two buttons

Junior Officers: one stripe & one button